30 July

Herb Garden Jars

Reuse those old pasta sauce jars while growing herbs for future seasoned dishes! Enjoy free printable herb garden labels with this simple and quick project!

Herb Garden Jar Labels

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A large image is provided for clarity of printing, though you may want to do a quick test print in black and white to see that the labels fit your jars. For example, I reduced the image to 85% before printing in color.

Herb Garden Jars - Step 1

Step 1 | gather materials

What you need:   • 3 glass jars (rinsed out)   • bowl of hot water
  • Mod Podge or watered glue mixture or   • sponge brush   • scissors or X-acto blade   • potting soil   • seed packets (cilantro, rosemary, and chives)
Time:   approximately 2 hours (plus grow time)

When finding glass jars, try to select ones without raised glass in any area you’d like to adhere the labels. Variety of shape and size helps to add visual interest, but most any jar will work.

Herb Garden Jars - Step 2

Step 2 | soak off old labels

Add the jars to the bowl of hot water for ease of removing the old labels. Take care not to burn yourself by splashing them into the bowl. The hot water will not only break up the glue, but I’ve found it helps to remove any expiration dates printed directly on the glass.

Herb Garden Jars - Step 3

Step 3 | cut out labels

Either use scissors or an X-acto blade and a cutting surface to trim out the labels. You can do this while the jars are soaking.

Herb Garden Jars - Step 4

Step 4 | adhere labels

Once the jars are clean and dry, sponge the Mod Podge or glue mixture on to one jar where you would like to place the label. Add the label, then sponge more glue on top to seal it. Do the same for the next two labels. Wait for labels to dry. Drying time should be fairly short.

Herb Garden Jars - Step 5

Step 5 | start planting

Now that you have your labeled jars you can start planting! Follow the instructions on each packet of seeds, making sure to bury seeds at the correct depth. Provide with the proper water and light as instructed.

Herb Garden Jars - Final


Enjoy your herbs! I like to keep mine in the kitchen window so it’s easy to find when cooking.

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